About us

For over four decades, Armand Lafond has been synonymous with excellence in the Montreal film industry. Thanks to his pioneering efforts, auteur cinema has flourished in Montreal, and he is widely recognized as an expert in the film world. Throughout the years, Lafond has cultivated an extensive network of contacts, forging close relationships with numerous directors, actors, and producers both locally and internationally. His knowledge encompasses distribution channels, and he possesses a discerning eye for evaluating the artistic and directorial merits of films.

Lafond's expertise extends to negotiations with producers and distributors, allowing him to establish tailored release schedules for each film in the programming lineup. Having actively participated in the journey of the renowned Élysée cinema, this passionate advocate of the seventh art has significantly contributed to the promotion of arthouse cinema in Quebec. In 1983, he became a co-owner of Prima Film, and his pioneering spirit in distributing avant-garde cinema has garnered him a stellar reputation over the years.

In recent months, the distribution market has experienced significant transformations. Axia Films has emerged as a key player, fulfilling the genuine need for independent distribution. With a streamlined and adaptable structure, Axia Films is capable of swiftly negotiating acquisitions by fostering fruitful collaborations between Quebec producers and international sellers. Once again, the market has shown a preference for high-quality products, evident in the success of notable documentaries, films, and series.

Our objective is to maintain and expand our network of contacts, establishing strategic alliances with partners, broadcasters, distributors, and co-producers in Quebec and abroad. By doing so, we aim to meet the demands of the market while ensuring the continued growth and success of Axia Films.