Drama comedy


March 29, 2024

A film by Caroline Vignal with Laure Calamy, Vincent Elbaz, Suzanne de Baecque

Iris has a seemingly flawless husband, two wonderful daughters, a dental practice with a relentless stream of customers, a nice apartment in an area she loves, friends who understand her... And she'll soon be 50. And then a stranger plants a seed in her head: "Take a lover". Iris open Pandora's box and candidates emerge as if from nowhere - as if it were raining men.

Drama comedy 


August, 2023

A film by Étienne Comar with Alex Lutz, Agnès Jaoui, Hafsia Herzi

When he agreed to lead a singing class in a women's detention center, Luc, an opera singer, did not expect to face such a difficult task. Despite reluctances and the rising tensions inside the prison and between inmates, he manages for the group to find its rhythm. Carole, Jeanine, Noor, Jess, Marzena, and Catherine gradually let themselves be tamed by music and taste a semblance of freedom.

Drama comedy 


November 3, 2023

A film by Lisa Azuelos with Alexandra Lamy, Muriel Robin, Hugo Questel

Thelma is devastated when Louis, her 12 years-old son, falls into a deep coma after an accident. When she discovers his “end-of-the-world bucket list” she realizes how adventurous and creative Louis is. With the hope of bringing her son back, she decides to fulfill herself all of his wishes…From Japan to Portugal, Thelma embarks on an adventure which gives her new reasons to live for, to reconnect with her son…and herself.

Drama comedy 


January 26, 2024

A film by Yolande Moreau with Yolande Moreau, Sergi Lopez, Grégory Gadebois

Mireille comes back to her hometown and the family house she inherited. Her life changes when she decides to take in three tenants; three men who will brighten up her daily life, and unexpectedly help her rekindle the flame of her long lost true love.

Drama comedy