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May, 2024

A film by Alexis Michalik with Juliette Delacroix, Marica Soyer, Alexis Michalik

Katia’s life is a mess when she meets Justine who has never dated a woman. It is love at first sight. They begin a beautiful, strong relationship and decide to have a child together. Sadly, Justine leaves her without a backward glance when Katia is carrying their daughter. Twelve years later, after Katia has raised Jeanne alone, she is told she has only a few months left to live.To find a guardian for Jeanne, her only option is her brother, William, a cynical, disillusioned writer.



May, 2024

A film by Mélissa Drigeard with Bérénice Béjo, Élodie Bouchez, Émilie Caen

Nine friends gather every year in their friend Thomas’ hotel in Hawaii. Following a nuclear attack alert, they believe that their last moments are upon them. Years of hidden truths, resentment and bitterness starts to resurface and their friendly annual meeting soon turns into an aggressive (and really funny) score-setting shouting match. Fortunately for them, the nuclear threat is a false alert, unfortunately for them, they have to spend the remaining eight days of vacation together...



May 9, 2024

A film by Carmen Jaquier with Lilith Grasmug, Noah Watzlawick, Benjamin Python

Summer 1900, in a valley in southern Switzerland. Elisabeth is seventeen years old and about to take her vows when the sudden death of her older sister forces her to leave the convent and return to the family farm she had left five years earlier. But Elisabeth is no longer a child. Stifled by the suffocating and strict rules of the village and obsessed by the mysteries surrounding her sister's disappearance, she will fight for her right to experiment.



May 10, 2024

A film by Catherine Corsini with Aïssatou Diallo Sagna, Suzy Bemba, Esther Gohourou

Khédidja works for a wealthy Parisian family who offered her to mind their children for a summer in Corsica. Bringing along her own two teenage daughters Jessica and Farah, it is an opportunity for them to go back to the island they left 15 years earlier, in tragic circumstances. While their mother grapples with her memories, the two girls indulge in all the summer temptations: unexpected encounters, mischief and first love experiences. Meanwhile, questions are surfacing about their distant past on the island, leading them to dig deeper into their mother’s version of the family story.



June 14, 2024

A film by Ursula Meier with Stéphanie Blanchoud, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Elli Spagnolo

After a violent argument with her mother, Margaret, 35 years old and with a long history of inflicting and suffering from violence, is subject to a strict restraining order before her trial: for 3 months she is forbidden from contacting her mother, and is no longer allowed within 100 meters of the family home. But this separation only exacerbates her desire to be closer to her family and so she returns every day to this invisible and impassable frontier.



July 5, 2024

A film by Guillaume Renusson with Denis Ménochet, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Victoire Du Bois

Samuel, a widower, is taking care of his 7-year-old daughter alone. Overwhelmed and stressed out, he decides to isolate in a chalet he was renovating with his wife in the Italian Alps. Indifferent to the anger of locals who help police to hunt down migrants, he comes across a woman who fled Afghanistan. Samuel decides to help her reach the border, thinking it will take them a few hours. But an agressive group of men comes after them…